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Packards of Oregon Bylaws




The name of the club shall be: PACKARDS OF OREGON.

The purposes for which the club is founded are: for the development, publication and interchange of technical, historical and other information for and among members and other persons who own or are interested in Packard automobiles and to promote fellowship among its members and to maintain references upon and encourage the maintenance and preservation of all such Packard automobiles.



Membership - Anyone may apply for membership in PACKARDS OF OREGON, who shall be in sympathy with the interest and purposes of PACKARDS OF OREGON and he or she must tender yearly dues and any other fees required with the application for membership. There shall be three classes of membership.

Active Member - A duly enrolled member whose dues are paid. Active members and their spouses or significant others shall have the rights to take part in any and all PACKARDS OF OREGON activities.

Associate Member - This class shall be open to the spouse or significant other of any Active Member in good standing and may include all the privileges of an Active Member.

Honorary Member - The spouse or significant other of an Active Member, shall be named an Honorary member upon the death of the Active Member. Honorary Members will not be required to pay dues to



Dues - The amount of the annual dues of the Active Members shall be determined by the Board of Directors of PACKARDS OF OREGON.

Expulsion - Expulsion, (other than for nonpayment of dues). The Board of Directors may, by a vote of the majority of the Board, expel and terminate the membership of any member for conduct which in its opinion disturbs the order, business or good name of PACKARDS OF OREGON, or which violates the Constitution, By-laws or regulations of PACKARDS OF OREGON. If such action is proposed by the Board, notice will be sent by registered mail to the subject member notifying him or her that he or she has a thirty (30) day period in which to protest such action to the Board and to be heard by the Board. The proceedings and decision of the Board shall be taken within sixty (60) days following termination of the thirty (30) day period and shall be final and conclusive.



Board of Directors - The Board of Directors of PACKARDS OF OREGON shall be composed of at least the following officers:

    1)     President

    2)      Vice-president

    3)      Secretary - Treasurer

    4)      Webmaster

    5)      Tour Master

The Board may by majority vote create other positions on the Board as they consider necessary. The Board will be a continuing body and any vacancies therein will be filled by appointment from the active roster by the remaining Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall be elected by a plurality vote of the Active Members of PACKARDS OF OREGON.



The Board of Directors may by majority vote create sufficient committees to properly carry out the activities of PACKARDS OF OREGON.


Any proposed amendment to the Constitution shall be approved by a majority of the Board. A copy of the proposed amendment shall be sent to each Board Member and final adoption of the Amendment shall be at next Board meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members attending.



PRESIDENT - The President shall prepare an agenda for and preside at 11 Board meetings. He can appoint active members to any Board member or Committee chairman in the performance of his or her duties, with the consent of a majority vote of the Board.

Vice-president- He or she shall serve in the absence of the President. The Vice-president shall serve as program chair-person and attempt to provide speakers for at least one meeting each calendar quarter of the year.

Secretary - Treasurer - He or she shall keep minutes of the Board meetings and regular monthly will appoint a Director of the Board or a willing member of the Club to keep the minutes of the meetings. The Secretary-Treasurer shall collect and disburse funds of the Club as may be ordered by the board, maintain the Club bank account and render a financial report at each board meeting. The Secretary-Treasurer shall also render a financial report at any monthly meeting when requested to do so by the President of the Club.

Tour Chairman - He or she shall arrange for tours and membership meetings. He or she shall insure that Active members receive timely notice of tours and membership meetings. 

Editor - He or she shall be responsible for the preparation of the Club Magazine and shall arrange for other publicity favorable to the Club.

Webmaster - He or she shall be responsible for maintaining the Club's Website and encouraging the club's membership to contribute material to the Website.

This Constitution of Packards of Oregon was approved and adopted by the Board of Directors on October 15, 2012.



I. Address - The address of Packards of Oregon shall be Post Office Box 42127, Portland, Oregon 97242.

II. Dues- The annual dues for Packards of Oregon shall be $45.00.

III. Election of the Board of Directors - The election of the Board of Directors for Packards of Oregon shall be held during the month of November each year.

IV. Renewal Dues- Dues for membership in Packards of Oregon shall pay for Active Membership from January 1 of each year to December 31 of each year. Every Active Member shall have a thirty (30) day grace period to pay dues.

Approved at the Board of Directors meeting held on October 15,2012.



The Board moved, seconded and motion passed for Packards of Oregon to continue annually to present the Larry Douroux Award to one of its members who is in good standing with Packards of Oregon. The Board will make the selection and will communicate the award and necessary biographical information of the recipient to the Forest Grove Concours D'Elegance staff in a timely and appropriate fashion, The treasurer of Packards of Oregon will on behalf of Packards of Oregon make a donation to the Forest Grove Rotary, Concours D'Elegance each year not to exceed $250.00. The Packards of Oregon membership will be notified annually as to the exact amount.

The selection criteria for the award should include,

but will not be limited to:

The member's dedication to the local club.

The member's dependable participation in Packard related activities both club and non-club.

The member's enthusiasm.

The member's willingness to provide a resource for the club and it's membership.

The member's good character.

The member's pride for the Packard Automobile and for Packards of Oregon.